Subway Inspiration

When I saw this poster on the subway a couple weeks ago I got really excited:

No, not because I’m a boxing fan. But because this poster helped me recognize that my birthday this year is 1-11-11. That’s pretty darn cool! And there’s just something about this guy – that undaunted blue eye, the bloody temple & cheekbone, the beefy shoulder – I dig it. The overt violence of the image appeals to that feature of my consciousness that typically lies dormant in the context of teaching a heart-melting, life is good, take a breath yoga class. And so I’ve decided that 2011 is MY comeback year too. Lights Out. It’s KALI TIME.

For the next 12 days leading to my birthday I’m going to explore another set of Goddesses. 12 Kalis. They, like the Laksmis, are a process of yogic reflection. When does one turn to Kali for inspiration? Well, for starters, during moments of URGENCY and EMERGENCY. And in 2011 I’ve decided to make the DREAMS I’ve dared to dream my own URGENT business. 

Kali is also the Goddess one turns to to explore one’s ORIGINALITY. That is, what elements are already IN you that lie hidden in the dark? It’s sometimes scary to enter the darkness of the Self. But that’s where to good stuff is. Kali wants to take us there. I don’t know what I’ll discover over the next days leading to 1-11-11. And THAT is precisely what makes life so beautiful.

Here’s a Kali doll designed by my friend Sanjay Patel. If you don’t already know his awesome work, visit

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