SRSTHI KALI : “Creative Constraint” – You are not a bound being seeking freedom, you are a free being seeking bondage. This radical assumption empowers you to CHOOSE to bind yourself – to creativity, or anything else you desire. The creative universe freely chose to become you. The power of the entire universe constrained itself in your embodiment. Of all the wonderful things that the universe can do, it became you. And so your life is a free gift. Learning how to receive that gift and bind yourself to choices that create a world worth living in is SRSTHI. Can you thrive creatively in all the myriad ways that you are distinctively YOU? Can you cultivate a creative life with the ingredients you were gifted? Or do you focus on lack and what you don’t have? This Kali says, “Stop that nonsense.” She invites you to tap into your originality, “There’s more there under the surface than you’ll ever know. Courageously enter the darkness and tap the source of your life.” 

A simple Kali practice – Sit for a few minutes with your eyes closed. Follow the inhale as a means of descending into the darkness behind closed eyes. Focus your attention on the heart and inhale into that vast space. It’s bigger than you think. Boldly enter the unknown nooks and crannies of your own heart. 

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