BHUVANESHWARI LAKSMI : “She Whose Arms Embrace the World” – May the potency of today’s solstice reverberate in your own heart, mind and expression! Bhuvaneshawari is one of my most favorite of Goddesses – and today I celebrate her with so much delight.

The Laksmi process I’ve been exploring over the past 15 days culminates here, with the 16th (!) Laksmi. It’s really a list of 15 Goddesses + 1. We live in such an abundant Universe that there’s always a bit extra, like Ikea furniture that comes with extra pieces not included in the directions! (My teacher Douglas’ example, but one I’ve experienced profoundly more than once.) The Shakta, or Goddess lineages, of tantric yoga always describe the Universe as self-generating, one in which there’s always MORE than the sum of all parts. And so we arrive at the solstice, a tipping point for more. 

Bhuvaneshwari is a goddess of such compassion, of such enormous spaciousness, that she embraces all humanity. She IS this blue pearl of a planet we call the EARTH. She is our home. Not only the physical earth, and so deeply grounding and fertile and diverse, she is also the SPACE which holds the planet’s evolution. She IS in fact, the evolution of the planet. In this way, she stands for our own evolution. She is the space into which we evolve. 

In order to evolve and prosper, we have to be willing to make messes and reflect so that we might thrive. The 16 Laksmi’s provide but one empowering roadmap for that kind of reflection and yogic engagement. They can be either an individual or more global map. In fact, the first 5 Laksmi’s teach us how to get better at being human, while the second set of 5 teach us how to get better at being ourselves. And the 3rd set combines those powers so that we’re good at being ourselves AND living in the world simultaneously! 

What makes you distinctly you? And how will you be authentic while participating in the greater context of humanity? These are the questions Laksmi invites us to deepen within ourselves. The process is the goal, the journey is the destination. The Earth spins asymmetrically on its axis toward ever more beauty and complexity. Let’s do THAT. Together. 

Mountains and Oceans of love to you this Winter Solstice! December 21, 2010. Mark it auspiciously and you BECOME the Laksmi – the mark of auspiciousness – you seek. 

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