Eric’s Story

jasper and me

Eric’s classes are evocative yoga ceremonies of the body, heart and mind infused with myth and ritual blessings. His classes create a grounded and expansive space for healing, creativity and personal evolution.

A clever college professor put Eric on the path of meditation when he was failing to wake up for an early morning Religions of India course. Rather than earn a sinking grade Eric was invited to cultivate an uplifting meditation practice and journal to make up for his sophomore slump. Eric was forever hooked and has been a daily meditator now for over 20 years. He’s explored a wide variety of styles from Transcendental Meditation to Shamanic Journeying and is known for his creative skill in helping others to access the inner worlds.

Eric’s classes and personal practice are also deeply inspired by his dedicated study of Rajanaka Tantra, a shakta (goddess) lineage of Sri Vidya – or Auspicious Wisdom, as elucidated by Douglas Brooks.  His Tantric Yoga Vision Quest courses have a global following of regular listeners who particularly enjoy these teachings through the lens of one who sits outside the scholarly realm of academic tantra. He brings esoteric wisdom and mantra practice to a practical level of appreciation and application. Check out the archive.

For many years he has been an avid student and practitioner of the indigenous Shamanic traditions of Andean Peru and beyond. He liberally weaves the magic he’s discovered in South America with the ancient goddess wisdom of South India.

Eric loves to collaborate with other yogi artists. In addition to classes and loyal private clientele, Eric leads local and international retreats with Siri Peterson. He lets it all hang out on the dancefloor and collaborates with DJ Tasha Blank in her Deep House Yoga events. Eric frequently works with sacred sound artists Lucy Child and Tyler Sussman and Brad Roberts among others. Abby Paloma and Eric lead popular Restorative Reiki events at the turn of the seasons in New York City.

Eric is also an Independent Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide. The health and wellness solutions available through Plexus have revolutionized his personal health for the better and he has become a passionate Network Marketer with a rapidly expanding team of like-minded professionals.

He lives in historic Sugar Hill, Harlem with his son Jasper.

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