AROGYA LAKSMI : “Peak of Health” – Go to the boundary of your own ecstacy – and allow others to do the same. This Goddess teaches that when you give yourself permission to spelunk the cave of your heart you enjoy radiant health! Tonight’s lunar eclipse marks the invitation to enter the darkness of Winter Solstice more powerfully than ever before in your lifetime.

Tonight’s practice, if you desire : Take a few minutes to soften, breathe in, and follow the inhale to descend into the dark cave of your heart – ask to align with the fertile creative energies that live undifferentiated in the darkness, in the unknown, in your own hidden recesses. Choose an affirmation to punctuate your experience in the dark. For example, “I am safe, and I am fulfilled in all that I do.” Or, “I am always in touch with my creative source.” Or, “My innate creativity surprises and delights me.” What will you affirm as our planet shifts boldly and dramatically into the Age of Aquarius?

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