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Bhairava aka The Creepy Lord


Every Fall I love to visit the energies and practices that pull me into the darker recesses of the heart and mind. It’s the witching season. Time to hunker down a bit and have some fun in the shadows. And in tantric tradition, the darkness is a place of refuge and primal creativity. Let’s go there together.

This year I’ve been revisiting teachings connected to Lord Bhairava. He’s the bad to the bone form of Shiva, Lord of Yoga. This is a dude who cuts deals with demons. He’s also a protector and creates a powerful shield of safety between the world outside and the world’s within us when we invite him near. It’s been such a long time since I’ve offered a course and a bunch of you have been asking for more. Thank you for continuing to hound me. Did I mention Bhairava often comes with a mangy, wild hell hound?

So I’d love to go here with you this October. Join me over three weeks. We’ll do an hour or so of teachings, stories and practices each week. I’ll give you a couple of separate meditation practices to make your own. We’ll play in the shadows with a ferocious friend. He will invite us into the liminal spaces between deep sleep, dreaming and waking. This energy willingly unpacks the treasures tucked away in the dark recesses of our own hearts and minds.

October 6, 13, 20, 2014 @ 7p. $69. Listen live or download from Dropbox and listen any time.


Kali Moon Blessings

October is my favorite month here in New York City – weekend escapes to pick apples and pumpkins, apple cider doughnuts, the fragrance of dry leaves (I can smell them through the open window even as I type), corduroy trousers, cashmere sweaters and Halloween adventures with my son. And always a new tantric offering. This season I’m looking forward to deepening my own connection with Kali. And I invite you to join me. See details below.

This morning I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5.18 am (what the what?) and somethin’ told me to get up and peek at my 2013 Moon Phase calendar. Sure enough, 5.18 am was the start of the New Moon. Kameshwari, Goddess of the New Moon, wants me to plug in to her resonance once again for this cycle. (And publish my ever before-the-sun-comes-up post. Usually I’m a night owl in the other direction.) It’s been quite a while since I followed the moon phase goddesses each night. So in addition to the Kali course, I’m revisiting them for this lunation. If you’d like to join me on THAT adventure, I’ve recently made all of my previous Tantric Yoga Vision Quest offerings available for download. Check out the Moon Goddess course below to learn more.

Enter the Darkness – Kali 


OCTOBER 14, 21, 28 – 2013



October is the perfect month to engage our connection to the Dark Mother goddess, Kali. Happy Halloween! The blacker the night sky, the more stars we see. In this 3 week course we will learn to appreciate Kali as that dark field of raw potential within our own hearts.  We’ll unpack her distinctive 12 fold form as well as see her hidden inside some of the beautiful goddesses who are her complimentary opposites. Through story, mantra and mudra we will bring this powerful energy into practical application and experience. In addition to the 3 weeks of teachings, 3 individual meditation practices will be yours to download and access again any time you wish. We’ll also have a private group on Facebook to share our insights and inspire one another with all things Kali during this month of Halloween blessings.

Exchange $79



All of my previous Tantric Yoga Vision Quest offerings are now available for download. Listen anytime. October 4 begins the 11th lunation of 2013. Lucky 11! Now is the perfect moment to channel our subtle energies into a powerful connection with the eternal moon phase goddesses.

Forever and Ever – 16 Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses


Life is forever more luscious, more intriguing and more irresistible when one learns to align one’s reflective powers with this eternal sequence of evocative energies. To know them intimately is to invest oneself in a recursive process that starts with the question “What do I really want?” and culminates in an artful life story worth sharing.

This very special course includes not only 3 weeks of foundational teachings, but also 16 daily meditation downloads (!) for you to savor each night while moon-gazing. To follow the Moon Goddesses each night from New Moon to Full Moon is a promise worth keeping.

Exchange $89



Turtle Imprint, Kurma Mudra