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Bhairava aka The Creepy Lord


Every Fall I love to visit the energies and practices that pull me into the darker recesses of the heart and mind. It’s the witching season. Time to hunker down a bit and have some fun in the shadows. And in tantric tradition, the darkness is a place of refuge and primal creativity. Let’s go there together.

This year I’ve been revisiting teachings connected to Lord Bhairava. He’s the bad to the bone form of Shiva, Lord of Yoga. This is a dude who cuts deals with demons. He’s also a protector and creates a powerful shield of safety between the world outside and the world’s within us when we invite him near. It’s been such a long time since I’ve offered a course and a bunch of you have been asking for more. Thank you for continuing to hound me. Did I mention Bhairava often comes with a mangy, wild hell hound?

So I’d love to go here with you this October. Join me over three weeks. We’ll do an hour or so of teachings, stories and practices each week. I’ll give you a couple of separate meditation practices to make your own. We’ll play in the shadows with a ferocious friend. He will invite us into the liminal spaces between deep sleep, dreaming and waking. This energy willingly unpacks the treasures tucked away in the dark recesses of our own hearts and minds.

October 6, 13, 20, 2014 @ 7p. $69. Listen live or download from Dropbox and listen any time.