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Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight


I have been so blessed to work this month with a group of lunatics. I mean that in a good way.  These students have gone on a journey with me through a lunation, or moon cycle, of Nitya – the Moon Phase Goddesses. These waxing and waning energies are reflective tools by which one can draw evocative inspiration any given day, or night. They work in sets – and they cycle from New to Full Moon. It’s also fun to work with them backwards, Full to New. Kind of like listening to that old Pink Floyd album backwards. It all syncs up to a Wizard of Oz like adventure in Consciousness. 

Tonight her name is Nitya. [The whole set of 15 are also called Nitya, so this one is like Nitya Nitya.]

Nitya means “Forever.” Or “Always.” So tonight: “Forever and Ever.” 

Her distinctive bling among the others in the set of 15 are her trident and a skull. None of the others carry these particular icons. The skull and trident are typical emblems belonging to Shiva. And here the Goddess has taken them for her own. I’ve been drawing some great juju from these icons today. Here’s a little of what I’ve learned from her as I’ve plugged in to her resonance…

The skull is where we’re all headed. Literally. Death is an eternal promise for all humans. The Indian imagination tends to have a more elastic view of death compared to the finality we are encultured to believe as Westerners. And the eternal moon phase goddesses are part of that cyclical vision. Death is a bigger cycle of life and regeneration – and we get to play a role in that universal pulsation. And like taxes, death is somethin’ you can count on. Forever, we humans can count on death.

The role we play as individuals in the bigger universal cycle is quite elastic. We shape and contour our lives through our dreams, desires and actions. Life is never stuck. It’s always a work in progress. Always unfinished. That’s why her name tonight is Nitya. One might think that the “forever” goddess would land on the climax of the full moon. But no. When you look at the moon tonight, notice how it’s about 2/3 revealed. You can see where it’s been (in the waning cycle) and you know it has somewhere to go (in the waxing cycle.) In other words, “Forever” is moving. “Forever” is a work in progress. “Forever” has been somewhere, and somewhere to go. 

Her trident has loads of interpretation. I’m using it tonight to plug in to the triadic nature of TIME. While lots of Eastern traditions give preferential treatment to the Present, to a “Be Here Now” model of yogic engagement, my lineage of Goddess-centered wisdom prefers to engage time in a more pliable fashion. Life would be too harsh if you were only and forever in the present moment. That would be like squirrel consciousness, you would be only plugged in to one part of your nature. And human consciousness needs to reflect as well as to vision.  I’m not agaisnt the Be Here Now strategies of yoga, they’re super useful. And there’s more.

What is the present moment anyway? We say it’s the future flowing into the past to make this moment. It can work the other way, too. The past is flowing forward to create right now. Past, present, future. A spinning trident of possibilities constantly flowing one into the next. All time is eternally present. Now. In this very breath.

So tonight then is a great night to VISION the future. Forever’s got to start sometime, so why not now? The great teachers of MANIFESTATION all teach that when there’s something we’re wanting in our lives, the best way to draw it in is to hold a feeling and a vision of that future desire NOW as if it’s already here, already fulfilled. To live life backwards. (There are so many resources for these practices if they are new to you. Just google Law of Attraction. A great place to start is here.)

Your life is moving towards her skull. So it is for all of us. The New Age Mystics all say that the solstice on Friday, December 21 marks a kind of cosmic alignment with vibrant energies which will enhance and magnify all of the vibes we’re currently generating.  Tonight would be a great moment to assess our own resonance. Tonight I’m getting really clear about some of the cyclical patterns of thought and reaction that haven’t been serving me so well of late. Im going to let them die. Along with one or two old relationships that are just plain toxic. Forever. Tonight. Bye-bye. NOW is the time!

So what are we wanting? Collectively and as individuals. Tonight I’m holding a vision for UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE for my fellow Americans! I know so many bright and shiny souls who would rather be doing something ELSE with their lives, but feel stuck in a job that provides their health care. What if all those wonderfully creative and inspired folks we all know – or maybe it’s you – could DO what their dreams are calling them to and at the same time feel safely taken care of? That’s a world I want to live in. That’s one biggie on my list for our collective. What’s on yours?

There are dreams you have personally, too, for the New Year and beyond. Forever’s gotta start tonight. Write down your vision. Hold the feeling of the desire already fulfilled. See it, smell it, taste it, hear it and feel it as best you can. Live from the future tonight. Draw the future into the present. It’s all informed by your past. Often it’s the life experience we’ve had that we DONT want that draws us towards the life we DO want. The solstice this year is extra special. It’s the end of the world! And forever can start tonight. 

As ever, would love to hear your thoughts.