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The Wisdom of 10. A Collective to Count On.

The Goddess lineage of tantric yoga I’ve been reared in – Rajanaka Yoga – has a rich & heady complexity and also a few very basic tenets that will lead the planet on a visionary new spiritual path in the Age of Aquarius. That’s why I’m leading a new course at Yoga Teacher Academy on the Dasamahavidya, the 10 Great Widom Goddesses. If you want to evolve and heal with the planet, I’d love to have you in our constellation of seekers.

Ours is a GODDESS tradition. Can we please turn over the running of the world to Mothers and Grandmothers ASAP? It’s coming. Little by little. Stats show that among dual household incomes in the US, women are bringing in more dough. The Green Movement is obviously all about Mother Nature. The narcissism of patriarchal conquer/colonize/conquest consciousness is blowing up and dissolving at every turn.  Some people are freaking out about that. To them I say, time to catch up. A shared, collective, speedy and sometimes gossipy information flow is beginning to dominate the world. Hi Mark Zuckerberg!

In a goddess tradition, empowerment is self-realized as much as it is a collective endeavor. The Age of the Guru is over. That singular being who’s come to save our sorry asses has been exposed as a fraud in virtually all areas of contemporary life: witness the Penn State Coaching scandal, endless financial meltdowns on Wall Street or the radical blowup of my own tradition of Anusara Yoga. (A very happily ex-Certified teacher, I am loving watching the bold moves of my colleagues who are willing to be brave in their own power and in extraordinary new collections of connectivity. I’m grateful to have taught for 10 years at Vira in NYC, a studio named by Elena Brower to be an abode for the courage one’s heart’s commitment.)

The Goddess traditions provide visionary technology to awaken, provoke and inspire us. From the inside out. We need to do this well and better in 2012 and beyond. A new student recently shared with me that she’s been attending the same teacher’s class for years and years. And years. And she said she only recently realized how dangerous it was to pin all her yoga on 1 person, that her yoga was all about her teacher and not about her. Frankly, yeah, it’s kinda silly to be so insulated on the spiritual path. We must look out into the collective of great company if we are to evolve and heal and grow.

We can do that. Profoundly. Powerfully. And there’s a set of 10 Wisdom Goddesses who are our guides. Every single person I know, including me, is at some kind of tipping point. Some very dramatic. Major life changes. Some much more subtle. Stirring beneath the surface. An undercurrent of radical change is coming for each of us. It’s 2012. End of the World! And we can plug in to a set of 10 WISE women who, collectively, stand for the totality of human possibilities. I’m not gonna be presenting this material as a sanskrit scholar.  This isn’t some ancient wisdom I’m purporting to have special access to. This course is all about right now. NOW is the time we come together to begin our study of yoga. And at the same time we will stand with the great beings who’ve come before us while designing the collective and personal dreams we crave for our future.

I’ve learned what I know about these 10 in the wisest and most brilliant of great company. And I’m eager to share it with you in such a way that you can bring this greatness forward into your everyday life, just as I have done. We can count on these powerful energies to support, uplift, churn, transform, inspire and expand us.

You don’t need a guru to teach you the secrets of these sublime wisdoms. And while you can find a ton about them in books and online, there’s nothing sweeter than the transmission of an oral lineage. You and I need a collective, dynamic community in which to open their resonance as our own. I’m gonna facilitate that in this course. You should join me.

And I don’t know what will happen when we do this! I don’t have all the answers already. But I am boldly, bravely willing to enter the darkness in the company of these 10 Great Ladies with you. Together we will make magic. I’ve been working with their resonance for a long time. They have nourished and protected me like no others. I have confidence in them and their evocative charms. Cue Willy Wonka.

Come with me
And you’ll be
In a world of
Pure imagination
Take a look
And you’ll see
Into your imagination

We’ll begin
With a spin
Traveling in
The world of my creation
What we’ll see
Will defy

There is no
Life I know
To compare with
Pure imagination
Living there
You’ll be free
If you truly
Wish to be

Sign up for the course at no obligation. Listen to my free preview call. I’ll see you on the Digital Cloud.

“never without duality”