Anjali Mudra, Prayer Hands

So I just noticed yesterday that over 1500 people have watched a 15 second video I put up on YouTube demonstating to my telecourse participants how to get into Goddess Mudra. I thought it would be fun to share some more. Once upon a time I knew how to read and write.

2 responses to “Anjali Mudra, Prayer Hands

  1. Hi Eric
    Just watched your video on the Anjali Mudra and had an insight to practicing Zero Balancing which I teach, and involves the entire hand be engaged when executing.
    In utilizing the hand, all of the elements are called forth with the fingers then the thumb as you say has ether, and I may interpret that as the Spirit element. When we bring the thumb in, the hand curves which essentially creates a container and is an activator of energy.
    A hand position I talk about in class is ‘Grapefruit hand’ ….a bit silly but useful. Now I can think of it as a Mudra.
    So thanks for that

    my best

    • Thanks Michael. Love Zero balancing. And it’s always a thrill to add layers of meaning to our work. Thanks for the spirit element definition to add to my understanding of “ether” which can sound a little clinical.

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