New Moon Dance Party

It’s Monday night and another opportunity to Get Your Dance On with me and Natasha. Do it. Atmananda Yoga on Irving Place @ 7.30p!


Tonight is the New Moon. And so my tantric tradition creates a special energy we can work with in our bodies, minds and hearts in the form of a Moon Goddess (there are 16 of these in total – a different one each night from New to Full Moon) named Kameshwari. Kameshwari’s name means “Empowering Desire.” And whether you’re a dude or a girliegirl, or something in between, this is a brilliant energy to work with because, well, she’s all about empowering desire. The new moon means that there’s no moon out tonight. And so together we’ll enter the fertile darkness of raw possibility. The darkness is the place where everything is possible, where “I don’t know” becomes a resource for meaningful exploration. Tonight we’ll tap those nooks and crannies of consciousness and explore a yoga dance ritual that’s sure to draw down unexpected sursprises.

When a bunch of folks gather to invoke a deity, we create a space where that energy just shows up. Kameshwari is tender in her receptivity. Her soft eyes are a subtle experience of receiving. In her power we can let go of the transactive process – “I want X so I must do Y” – and so we encounter a much more refined vision of desire. Desire without an object. Our bodies and hearts AS expressions of desire – beating and moving because that’s what they love to do.

Among her treasures she carries a cup of liquid gems. Those are the desires in your life you’ve already identified. The stuff you know you want from this gift called YOUR LIFE. So whaddya want? Let’s offer up our expression tonight in honor of those identified desires. Her other hand is outstreched and her palm is open – willing to receive more than what she’s even yet imagined. Are you willing to reach into the depth of darkness and discover more than you thought was there? Of course you are. It happens every time you shake your groove thing in a new way. Her open palm is also a willingness to share the gifts of a meaningful life – one infused with ever-enrivhing value, community and love. That’s what these Mondays have become for me. (((Loving this weekly yogadance ritual!))) Super special vibes await. Natasha and I look forward to seeing you for an ecstatic New Moon ritual THIS evening. 7.30p. Don’t be late. Get Your Dance On. 

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