Chitra : “Multi – Colored” – Distinctive among the set with silken garments of diverse and variegated colors to remind us that the world is full of difference, but never seperate. The goal of our yoga is to revel in diversity. Chitra is another word for FICTION. Art deliberately distorts life. May you receive your life as ART. You are the artistic expression of the Divine, so express your humanity – your divinity – as art. Be the author of your own life. You’re always authoring, whether you know it or not. And so tell a grand tale. Keep good company. Wax and wane with your own reflective process. Express beauty in whatever diverse, multi-hued way you choose! 

I leave tomorrow for Nicaragua with a brilliant crew of yogic seekers & adventurers. And so ends our Nitya cycle. May the rest of your February be super duper FANCY. 

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