NILAPATAKA : “Falling into the Blue” – Bedecked in diamonds and blue sapphires, dripping with pearls, she is the moment immediately following ecstatic release. To see through her eyes is to experience your waking life like a lucid dream. And lucid dreamers get to experience the creative power of shaping their truth.

The TRUTH is more pliable in dreams (I can fly!) than we tend to experience in our waking life. And what is a truth in waking consciousness but a belief we repeat over and over to ourselves again and again? Are you telling yourself the same old, mundane story? Or are you authoring your life and creating its truth? (You’re always doing this actually, so you may as well do it on purpose, reflectively, with power – in the cool blue of repose.)

What if your waking life could be a lucid dream? To both have your experience and shape it at the same time, in every breath? To enjoy such a life would be to invest deeply in the yoga of Rasa, the engagement of the essential flows of human feeling. Nilapataka carries among her weapons a dart, or missle. Any mark you hit can be a focal point for exploration: you are free to bring your ecstacy into the world any place where you land that dart. 

The Nitya Shoashi Tantra says that devotion to this Goddess brings to devotees “a capacity to see through walls and travel vast distances instantly!” Sounds like quite the Soverign Queen of the Information Age.

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