MAHA KALA KALI : “The Mighty Kali” – This Kali is the AGENT of IMPRINT. She is the ACTION of making a gesture that seals any empowering thought into your own consciousness. The world is like soft wax – and you get to make imprints that shape the world. The imprints you create have real consequences.

If for example, you post a photo of an Arizona congresswoman on your website in the crosshairs of a gunsight with the instruction “Kill,” please KNOW that you are shaping the world’s reality. The Mighty Kali asks us to take a real look at all of the ways we imprint and are imprinted – and then choose to be creators of the world and not victims. The weekend’s events in Arizona weigh heavily on my heart today, especially the death of an optimistic 9 year old girl born on September 11, 2001. A girl who considered the imprint of her birthday a “holiday” and not a burden. Today I dedicate the effort I exert in my practice to her memory. I imprint myself with hope. I release a breath of compassion to Cristina Green’s family. I treasure my own child with extra hugs and kisses, for life is valuable and fragile and precious. I imprint love.

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