RUDRA KALI : “Howler” – An interesting feature to this Kali is that she’s 51% masculine. She marks the transition from any action to the imprint (or groove/samskara) that the action makes. 

Small people are especially open to imprinting. A sexually abused child for example is forever etched by their experience. Well into adulthood their experience of sexuality is informed by all the previous sets of experiences.

One time in Harlem I saw a verbally abusive father phyically assaulting his small son, about 6 years old. I didn’t just see one man abusing his child, I literally saw through the fabric of time. And I saw and heard a lineage of verbal and physical abuse that extended back generations, likely to enslavement. 

A Rudra Kali experience is anytime a subject recognizes that it’s the object of another set of subjects. Like your DNA. Your experience right now is the culmination of endless sets upon sets upon sets of other relationships. Cultivating Rudra Kali in your own experience can be deeply healing. This Kali is a SHAMAN. Shamans see through time, space and identity to promote healing. A good Shaman can look at you and see the sets of relationships that made the impressions that make you YOU. And a great shaman can smooth out those grooves.

I’m especially looking forward to July 2011 for my pilgrimage to Peru to work with indigenous shamans! Details forthcoming. 

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