STHITINASHA KALI : “Stability Destroyer” – Please dissolve the notion that your life is stable. It’s not. This is good news in the new year, it means you can regenerate, evolve, become more.

The empowerment of this Goddess looks like the recent repeal of DONT ASK DONT TELL. She drives a wedge into the fabric of humanity for the sake of progress.

While many earthlings love to cling to the past and old ways of thinking, she ensures that that won’t do. 

Some more examples of Sthitinasha spring to mind – 

You might have thought you were stable in a 401K that now has half as much revenue as it had a few years ago. Time to create prosperity in a new way. 

This Kali is also like life with a toddler, just when you thought you knew how to handle them, they completely change again. 

Did you get the newest technology from Santa Claus? It’s already outdated.

My crossed leg just fell asleep as I was writing – wait a minute – it’s okay again.

This Kali dissolves the notion that you are stabilized in your experience.  

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