PRAJNA LAKSMI : “Smart Diver” – PRA is forward, towards; JNA is wisdom. Take everything you know and bring it forward. How? Translate your certainty back into uncertainty. Wisdom is the horizon of your ignorance. Only by saying, “I don’t know” do you have the potential for growth. 

Today I put this into practice in my morning meditation. I purposely chose a mantra routine I’ve been sitting with, that I “know” inside out and backwards. I asked for more. I asked to learn things from the practice I never dreamt possible. I said to myself, “I have no idea what’s in store for this practice today. I”m open and receptive to all Good.” That resulted in a subtle visit from my teacher’s teacher, long dead – a man I’ve never met – who gifted me a new set of practices for my meditation toolbox. Cramazing. 

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