VIDYA LAKSMI : “Wise Technology” – Take everything you think you know and put it to the test. More than just knowing that you know – know HOW you know. These Laksmi’s are a MAP of your own consciousness, and by following them you align with a process of reflection that moves you in the direction of ever more abundant auspiciousness. 

So for example! Over the weekend Jasper and I were evacuated – along with thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of others – from NJ transit while enroute to Bucks County, Pa to visit my brother. We were told “Exit the train immediately. Service is cancelled along the NE corridor indefinitely. There’s been an ‘incident’ on the tracks. No further information is available at this time.” It was close to 10p and I was with my 3 year old on an outdoor track in the rain with thousands of anxious people saying, “It’s a terror attack.” My heart raced as I was relived my 9/11 trauma all over again. “Dammit I thought I was over this PTSD! F*ck me!” Remembering that I had dedicated that day to Sandhana Laksmi, the one who knows what’s good for you, I listened to an inner voice of calm and chose to leave the station and head into town to call my brother (cell service was jammed) to pick us up. “Where the hell is Metuchen, NJ anyway?” 

Jasper and I followed the call of our healing Laksmi to the local Irish pub where he enjoyed his first drunken karaoke night. And it was SantaCon 2010! Our waitress couldn’t have been sweeter to him and loaded us up with lots of greasy comfort food on the house. I never would’ve thought Sandhana Laksmi would heal me in an Irish bar in central New Jersey, but she did.

Ever since September 11, 2001 when I watched that 2nd plane hit the tower while sitting next to the Brooklyn Bridge – I’ve had terrible moments of PTSD, sometimes nearly debilitating. Vidya Laksmi is the goddess who puts us to the test. Again and again. Are you handling those things that come up for you over and over again in the same old way? Or are you getting better as you go? I know I’m getting better at living in these moments of mass hysteria. And HOW do I know it this time around? Because my son told me at midnight he was “having the best night out ever Papa!” as a troupe of drunken Santa’s sang “Livin on the Edge” by Aerosmith. And I will mark this same night next year by participating (on purpose, not by accident) in SantaCon 2011. In costume.

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