VIJAYA LAKSMI: “Slice of Victory” – Jaya means celebrate! Vi is an increment, an instance. Mark the little victories of each day – when you note them they add up to something vital -that is, you know that you know you’re successful. The Universe likes to create successful manifestations of Consciousness – and your birth, your life, IS that success embodied! Start there. Because wherever you start is where you end up. So if for you, “life is suffering” and “a problem to be fixed” – you will discover suffering and problems in need of fixing everywhere you turn. Start instead with the assumption that life is a gift and a blessing and you will spend your days receiving boons. Likewise, if you live your life looking only for the big Aha’s, for the Big Kabooms, you’ll miss the little victories. Right now, I’m about to finish washing the dishes – Vijaya!

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